Lips, Tongue, And Hands Feel Enlarged?

Illustration of Lips, Tongue, And Hands Feel Enlarged?
Illustration: Lips, Tongue, And Hands Feel Enlarged?

Hello, I have a history of hypertension, sometimes if I have a problem and my head is angry, it feels like shaking, not long accompanied by lips, tongue and fingers, it seems to swell u0026amp; it feels heavy, even though it’s normal, what should I / the people around me do when the lips of my tongue and hands get bigger. thank you

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Regarding your complaint, there are a number of things that might happen, namely:
1. Ischemic stroke is paralysis of one side of the body caused by a blockage in the blood vessels of the brain. The blockage causes the brain areas that are not bloody to get oxygenated blood intake so that the brain tissue in that area lacks oxygen and is threatened to suffer permanent nerve damage.
2. Psychosomatic is a complaint of illness that arises due to excessive psychological stress. For example, you have a problem that causes you to experience excessive stress, the condition triggers the appearance of physical abnormalities in you, such as increased blood pressure, sephalgia or headaches and high stomach acid. All of these diseases are physically found abnormalities by a doctor.
3. Somatoform is a psychiatric disorder characterized by a person feeling various complaints of the disease in himself, but found no physical abnormalities whatsoever.
Any condition that is suspected of having a stroke must immediately receive a medical examination. If proven, the doctor will immediately give the appropriate medicine. Generally, with a fast and proper treatment will be able to restore the condition of brain tissue to normal or at least minimize damage.
For that, you should immediately consult a neurologist. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and a thorough examination. If necessary you will undergo a supporting examination, such as a CT scan of the head, to see if there are signs of bleeding or blockage in brain tissue. Later the treatment that the doctor will give is based on the cause of your illness.
Meanwhile, to prevent worsening conditions, limit eating foods that can increase blood pressure, such as salt and foods containing high levels of bad fats. Eat lots of foods high in fiber, like papaya and bananas. These foods will inhibit the absorption of bad fats in the intestine. And last but not least, try to manage stress wisely so as to avoid conditions and situations with excessive pressure making you irritable.
Thus hopefully useful.

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