Lips Turn Pale?

Illustration of Lips Turn Pale?
Illustration: Lips Turn Pale?

Good evening, I want to ask from a few days ago my lips changed to 2 the inner color is red, while the outside is pale. What is the cause? Does it have to do with health?

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The color of the inner lips with the outside in general is different, the lips on the inside are still included in the oral cavity and are generally reddish with a consistency of wetness compared to the outer lips. There are several conditions that can be experienced such as pale lips, dry lips, black lips.

Some possible causes of lips turning pale may indicate a medical condition that you are experiencing, but it can also be influenced by the weather or a person's nutritional status. Some possible causes of pale lips include:

Anemia, lack of red blood cells can cause the color of the lips to turn pale, and the inside of the eyelids also pale. In general, it seems weak and easily tired. Lack of vitamin B12, folic acid. Low iron diet. Blood loss due to menstruation or bleeding in the digestive tract. Conditions for lack of oxygen, impaired blood circulation. Conditions for low blood sugar. Fungal infections of the oral cavity and lips. To ensure your condition and the underlying cause, it is advisable to control your doctor, especially if you have symptoms that easily feel weak, lethargic, or experience repeated shortness of breath, it is necessary to examine and manage according to the underlying condition. Avoid activities that are too heavy, do a good diet and exercise, get enough rest, avoid taking medication yourself without consulting a doctor.

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