Liquid Children’s Chapter Fever?

Illustration of Liquid Children’s Chapter Fever?
Illustration: Liquid Children’s Chapter Fever?

Good afternoon I piny a 1.5 year old child he has fever the first day accompanied by vomiting and continued the second day he has a fever and the chapter is runny and has a creamy color from 2 days ago I want to eat only drink milk and water or tea. What do you do? Already checked only given diarrhea and nausea medication nausea.

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Mother's child seems to have acute gastroenteritis, which is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract characterized by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This condition is generally caused by a viral infection. However it can also be caused by bacterial and parasitic infections, food poisoning and food allergies.
Children who experience acute gastroenteritis often cause dehydration or lack of fluids and electrolyte disturbances. This condition will be marked by the child becoming weak, feeling very thirsty, do not want to drink even though the child is not yet drinking, sunken eyes and dry lips. If dehydration is severe, it can cause a decrease in consciousness or look drowsy until unconscious. Therefore, it is very necessary to give children rehydration fluids (ORS). You can choose orange flavored ORS which is sold in pharmacies. To meet the needs of fluids, electrolytes, sugar and energy, give the child UHT liquid milk in addition to the mother still giving the child ASI. Generally, children like UHT milk which has a fruit flavor. In order for mother's milk to be abundant and of high quality, she must eat lots of nutritious foods that are high in calories and high in protein. In the meantime until the child's condition improves, avoid giving vegetables and fruit to the child. If the complaint worries the mother more, immediately take the child to a pediatrician so that further tests can be done to find out the cause and in order to get the right treatment according to the cause.
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