Liquid-like Discharge From The Penis

Illustration of Liquid-like Discharge From The Penis
Illustration: Liquid-like Discharge From The Penis

Some days my genitals like lubricant that will come out after the sperm comes out, is this normal?

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Hello Rezi,

Thank you for the question.

Liquid-like discharge from the penis is generally not dangerous, as long as the amount is not too much, the color is clear, odorless, and also not accompanied by other complaints (such as pain, itching, swelling, heat). Most likely, this fluid arises because you are sexually aroused, can be through touch, vision, hearing, and even thought alone.

Conversely, if this fluid comes out more, it could be the cause is another thing, for example genital infections (including sexually transmitted infections), urinary tract infections or stones, prostate disorders, fatigue, stress, side effects of drugs, muscle or pelvic nerve injuries, and etc.

Better, you first handle independently your complaints, namely by:

Improve the cleanliness of your sex organs
Diligent in exercising, especially Kegel exercises to tighten the pelvic muscles
Don't stress or worry too much
Drink a lot of water
Don't like to hold back urination
Eat a variety of foods that are worth balanced nutrition
Stay away from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol
Not having risky sex
Stay away from things that smell porn, especially if you are not married

However, if you feel your complaint has been very disturbing and does not improve at all with the above efforts, then after the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided, you can check yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist and a genital doctor so that it is handled properly according to the cause underlying ...

I hope this helps.

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