Liquid Mucus Comes Out Of The Nose During Colds Or Corona?

Illustration of Liquid Mucus Comes Out Of The Nose During Colds Or Corona?
Illustration: Liquid Mucus Comes Out Of The Nose During Colds Or Corona?

Hello Doc, I want to ask. So the old man (my brother) works every day. I usually take care of her and take care of her child. Well it happens that her child has a cold and sneezes. I was less alert, accidentally sneezing from my niece. 2 days later I had a cold. At night my left nose aches, the next day it starts sneezing. Then right in the afternoon, I began to experience a blocked nose. Initially it was normal, a few minutes later a runny nose came out, the snot came straight out and dripped into my hands and feet. It’s not much, but it often happens. Usually, when I have a cold I can still hold and control the snot that comes out (held back so it doesn’t come out), this one is like normal water (the texture is not liquid like a rather thick mucus). My head is also getting dizzy. for body temperature I think it’s still normal because it’s not shivering. Because there is a deadly plague in this world, I’m so worried Doc. Is my illness a normal cold symptom? Or is there an indication of a worldwide epidemic Doc?

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Hello Grace,

Thank you for the question.

The epidemic of COVID-19 (a disease caused by a new Corona virus infection) today does make some people more alert when they experience breathing problems.

Judging from your testimony, your condition has runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, and dizziness, if the emergence after your nephew has a similar complaint, it is most likely a sign that you have an infection in the nasal cavity (rhinitis) and its surroundings. This infection can be very diverse possibilities of the originator, not only the new Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), but also a variety of other viruses and bacteria, such as influenza, streptococcus, and so on. In addition to infection, your complaint may also arise due to allergies, irritation, foreign body entry, even benign or malignant tumors around the nasal cavity.

Our advice, if you have a mild complaint, and if you or your nephew feel you have never contacted a COVID-19 sufferer, have never traveled to an area with a local transmission of COVID-19, and have never had contact with someone from an area with local transmission COVID-19, then don't panic yet. Resolve your complaint first by:

 Avoid contact with cold, dust, smoke, wind, pollution, such as by not eating and drinking cold, limiting out of the house, using masks, stay away from cigarettes and smokers, do not use excessive air conditioning and fans. Drink plenty of warm water, eat broth. and fruit rich in vitamin C Diligent bathing with warm water Wash hands with soap and running water Do not touch the nose and other members of the face, without washing your hands first Adequate sleep and regular exercise every day Do not carelessly take medication Mild conditions generally will improve in 1-3 days with the above handling. So, you only need to see a doctor or ENT doctor if the complaint does not improve within 3 days, if there are more severe complaints such as shortness, high fever, or vomiting, and if you and / or have a risk of contracting Corona as mentioned in on.

Hope this helps ...

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