Little Urine And Bleeding Accompanied By Lumbago.?

Illustration of Little Urine And Bleeding Accompanied By Lumbago.?
Illustration: Little Urine And Bleeding Accompanied By Lumbago.?

Good evening .. I want to ask this for several months now, my waist, my hips aching to my calves … like being stabbed by rasnaya. Before this I like to urinate a little even bleeding, after checking my ISK, the doctor said. Medicated, thank you God recovered from the hips .. It didn’t reach another month. I took the medicine that was given like yesterday, but there was no change ,, I went to the hospital, I explained what I felt, my doctor said nervously pinched. Drug endured. After taking the medicine, the pain is increasing. So I am confused what exactly my pain is … I must Dr. Nerves or k dr. Which specialist?

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Urine blood is a condition in which there are broken blood vessels from the urethra. Patients with blood urine show the process of inflammation, trauma, infection or certain specific processes that cause blood vessels to burst. Accompanying complaints can be lumbago, pain when urinating, painful, lower abdominal pain in the belly button, or maybe urinating a little but often.

Some of the conditions below can cause urination accompanied by blood, such as:

Urinary tract infection
Kidney stones
Stone bladder
Urinary tract trauma
Urinary tumors

In connection with your question, the presence of back pain complaints and accompanied by urination with blood may be caused by urinary tract infections. With the doctor's examination that you have done and the treatment that you have received before, which obtained complaints of pain that are improving but recurrent, it is necessary to do further re-examination and evaluation related to the history of pain and the history of your health complaints. Treatment of lumbago alone by eliminating complaints in general pain will be at risk the main cause of this complaint is not known, so that treatment will further elongate and aggravate your complaint.

If the second examination that you do at the neurologist does not provide good recovery results, then you should do a further examination to the urologist or urinary surgeon. Urologists will conduct examinations and evaluations related to the course of the disease that you felt before. Physical examination and investigations such as blood, urine, or radiology can be planned to help determine the main cause of this complaint. If the results of the examination of the urology section are not found abnormalities in the field of urology, then further evaluation can be consulted to the womb to ensure there are no problems in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

For now, avoid sleeping late, and avoid physical fatigue that is bothering you. Expand the water to help reduce your back pain complaints.

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