Location Of Injection Of Crystalline Procaine Penicillin-G?

Illustration of Location Of Injection Of Crystalline Procaine Penicillin-G?
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My doctor wants to ask whether ppc injection can be injected in the buttocks and what are the side effects if it is injected in the buttocks not injected through veins? If there are doctors who do that either intentionally or not, can it be said to be malpractice?

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beforehand whether the injection you mean crytalline procainepenicillin-G, if it is where the drug contains Penicillin G Procaine which is an injection antibiotic that is used to treat a number of diseases caused by bacterial infections. Penicillin G Procaine is classified as penicillin with long-term effects, which works by killing attacks bacteria.Penicillin G procaine injection is only given by doctors or professional medical personnel. The doctor will inject penicillin G procaine into the patient's muscles like one of them on the thigh so the doctor who gives you in that area is not wrong, but it can also be through veins, or joints, depending on the condition suffered by the patient.

if you are in doubt and wrong you can ask directly by the doctor who treats you about the matter so that there is no misunderstanding from you.

although there are side effects that are not caused by wrong injection in which area, but every drug has side effects and each injection has an effect also such as pain and swelling or blushing. there are a number of side effects that might occur after being injected with penicillin G procaine are:

 Side effects that often arise are diarrhea and rashes on the skin. Rare frequency side effects such as inflammation of the blood vessels, blood clots, chest pain, fatigue, convulsions, headaches, urination pain, urinary retention, nausea, vomiting, itching, tightness in the throat, skin redness, nose bleeding, and facial swelling. At high doses can cause seizures and abnormalities. Central nervous system due to the effects of procaine If you experience this effect, immediately come to the doctor who handles you or the nearest emergency room to overcome these effects, each effect arises depending on each individual so it can not be equated with others, all dependent will the condition of your body, and need to remember this effect is not because the doctor injects the wrong method because every drug has side effects, so before you do therapy ask your doctor about the possible side effects.

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