Long Menstruation?

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Good morning doctor, I’ve been married for 5 years and haven’t had any children … I’m 36, it’s been 3 months, recently my menstruation has gone awry, I’ve gone to the gynecologist said the gynecologist has hormonal disturbances. It’s been 1 month my menstruation doesn’t stop The first 1 week of menstruation was not smooth, cm spots and a little blood … but in the 2nd week, there was a lot of blood and a large amount of blood came out like a chicken liver … that’s why … and the blood came out so much … then I just drank again the medicine from the doctor 2 months ago the tranexamic acid drug so that the bleeding stopped .. I thought it was dangerous, I took the drug without going to the obstetrician again … And what happened to me .. because the doctor said I had to exercise. .tp after every exercise the blood always comes out … please explain, doctor … Thank you

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causes of prolonged menstruation

Menstruation is prolonged

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