Long-term Effects Of Use Of Women’s Vaginal Lubricants?

Illustration of Long-term Effects Of Use Of Women’s Vaginal Lubricants?
Illustration: Long-term Effects Of Use Of Women’s Vaginal Lubricants? cen.acs.org

Mlm .. want to ask if the use of vigel in the long term may or may not be there? I intimate to use it, because after giving birth I was born I felt like I was uncomfortable so I didn’t use Vigel !!! And this vigel I use every time I touch !! Please reply???

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Most of the lubricants that are sold freely contain at least chemicals such as Glycerol, Glycol, Paraben and even Sodium Benzoate. Because these chemicals are usually side effects can arise in the use of lubricant products.

Parabens are preservatives that are usually used in cosmetic products. Although classified as safe, but use in the long term can cause cancer or malignant cell growth.

Glycerol is a chemical fragrance, usually also used in cosmetic products, but if used continuously in sensitive parts in women, this chemical will cause fungal infections and make a woman's vagina dry, because the normal flora in the vagina is disturbed.

While Glycol is a solvent for fragrances, the side effect of its use is the breakdown of cell walls so that these chemicals can enter the bloodstream, of course this will also endanger the body from users of vaginal lubricants that contain these chemicals.

Sodium Benzoate is a substance that is usually used in preserving food, but even though it is safe to consume, long-term use is feared to cause skin irritation. It also will cause the balance of good bacteria in the vagina to be reduced and ultimately can cause skin irritation in the V.

Long-term use of vaginal lubricants can certainly cause some diseases including:

Bacterial infection of the vagina / bacterial vaginosis. Symptoms that usually appear include itching on the vagina, odor and the appearance of abnormal vaginal discharge. Fungal Infection. Symptoms will usually appear as an itchy vagina, the appearance of white bumps on the intimate areas of women. Transmission of sexually transmitted diseases / STDs. Based on research conducted in 2012, it was found that lubricant products can easily cause infections from sexually transmitted diseases such as clamidia, gonorrhea, even HIV / AIDS. To prevent the occurrence of these undesirable things, the use of sex lubricants should not be used every time having intercourse / when needed only. Longer foreplay has been proven to cause female intimate areas to produce more natural lubricant than without foreplay, but it can make the Miss V part more relaxed so as to reduce the effects of pain during intercourse. Therefore you can overcome it by doing longer foreplay before intercourse.

In addition it would be even better if doing a few simple things to maintain the health of female sex organs, including:

Maintain cleanliness of the vagina, in addition to changing underwear regularly every 2x a day, then it can be cleaned by using warm water. The use of antiseptic products should not be used routinely or is better used after consulting a doctor directly. Let your vagina get good air circulation. Namely by choosing underwear from cotton and the right size / not too tight. Avoid wearing clothes or pants that are too tight, tight or thick. And if you are menstruating, you must regularly replace the pads so that the vagina does not damp and become a den of bacteria. Consult the health of your female organs regularly to obstetricians / genital dermatologists. And follow the doctor's advice and take the medicine that he prescribed according to his recommendations. Thus we can inform, hopefully the information from us can be useful for you.


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