Long-term Side Effects Of Dialysis

Illustration of Long-term Side Effects Of Dialysis
Illustration: Long-term Side Effects Of Dialysis

Doc wants to ask if people keep on doing dialysis, can it cause loss of kidney function and the kidneys become smaller or dry?

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Hello Mahfud Tri Gunawan,

Hemodialysis is the action of blood filtration using the help of a hemodialysis machine that resembles kidney function in the body. Hemodialysis is done on the basis of medical indications, which are generally associated with failure of kidney function. Indications for hemodialysis include uremic syndrome, hyperkalemia, poisoning, severe acidosis, etc.

Kidney atrophy or reduced kidney size can cause kidney function to decline. Hemodialysis does not cause kidney atrophy. Hemodialysis is a substitute therapy that needs to be done (in addition to definitive kidney transplant therapy) in conditions of the kidneys that are already so small (kidney atrophy) that it no longer functions. Kidney atrophy can arise due to chronic kidney disease, atheroscleosis affecting the kidney blood vessels so that blood circulation to the kidney tissue is reduced, metabolic syndrome, cancer. Hemodialysis does not cause loss of kidney function, because at the start of hemodialysis kidney function is usually already bad.

Hemodialysis for some patients needs to be done routinely to maintain quality of life and to avoid life-threatening conditions. In addition to hemodialysis, of course other therapies also need to be followed by patients properly so that optimal therapeutic results. Some diseases that cause chronic kidney failure such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, kidney inflammation, vasculitis, kidney stones need to be detected early and treated to prevent kidney failure that requires hemodialysis.

Patients who require periodic hemodialysis, generally require the procedure of making access to blood vessels such as shunt arteries in the arm, AV graft placement, or making a central venous catheter in large veins usually near the neck or groin.

Some conditions that can occur during hemodialysis are:

Hypotension - decreased blood pressure
Itching all over the body
Muscle cramp
Anemia (also caused by kidney failure itself. Kidney produces erythropoietin which plays a role in red blood cell production)
Fluid overload
Bone disorders
Disorders of blood vessel access for hemodialysis, such as infection, narrowing, balloning

Each patient has a hemodialysis schedule that varies depending on the patient's condition and disease. There are 2-3 times a week for 3-5 hours, there is also a must every day. Please consult further about hemodialysis with the doctor who treats the patient in order to obtain information that is appropriate to the patient's condition.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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