Long-term Side Effects Of Fiber Supplements?


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Psyllium fiber is a grain that has a high fiber content. This plant is very easy to absorb fluids and dissolves in water. Today psyllium is often used as a health supplement to help improve digestion

The following are uses of psyllium that are often used daily:

Laxatives to treat constipation

Softens stool
Helps balance bowel movements
Can prevent diarrhea
Control your appetite

Psyllium is an herbal product, the effectiveness of which has not been fully proven. Although there are several studies that prove the function of psyllium is good for regulating digestive health. Long-term effects that may occur are diarrhea if excessive consumption, digestive disorders such as bloating, nausea, stomach pain, and intestinal inflammation.

Because the effectiveness is not certain, you should limit the consumption of herbal supplements. Starting to try to change your lifestyle by starting from consuming healthy and nutritious foods, increasing vegetables and fruit, drinking water, and regular exercise can help maintain health and prevent various diseases. The supplement products that you consume only help maintain your digestive health, especially preventing constipation and other intestinal problems, but your nutritional needs are not properly met. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult and check directly with your nearest doctor. I have submitted so much information, hope it helps

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