Long Time Neutralization For The Face When Changing Skincare?

Illustration of Long Time Neutralization For The Face When Changing Skincare?
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السلام عليكم ورحمة اللّٰه وبركاته r n r nDok, if you want to replace skincare for the face, how long the neutralization period must be done before switching to using a new skincare product? R n r nThank you.

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Hi Firdawaty,

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The choice of skin care products can be unique and individual. This must be done by considering the skin type, age, complaints that appear on the skin, daily activities undertaken, and various other factors. Therefore, it should not be arbitrary, you need to consult this matter directly with the experts, namely doctors or dermatologists so that your skin health is maintained.

In connection with your question, changing your skin care products is okay, as long as it stays under your doctor's supervision. If not, then your skin's health is at stake. Inappropriate use of skin care products risks causing inflamed skin, resulting in a variety of complaints, such as skin that is reddish, itchy, sore, dry, peeling, spotty, black spots appear, swollen, bruntusan, and so on. These risks can be minimized by choosing the right skin care products. Generally, before switching to other skin care products, your doctor will recommend that you first rest your skin from using any product for at least 3 days, or maybe more, depending on the type and content of the product you mean, and the condition of your skin.

We recommend that you consult your skin condition directly to a doctor or a specialist in the skin and genitals to choose the appropriate type of skin care products. The following steps can also be applied to maintain healthy skin:

Bathing regularly 2 times a day
Wash your face also using cleansing soap that suits your skin type, is mild, and does not contain irritating ingredients in it
Do not touch your face with dirty hands
Do not rub excessive facial skin
Protect facial skin from direct sunlight, smoke, dust, pollution, and excessive cosmetics
Get enough sleep
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants
Control your emotions wisely
Do not smoke

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