Longstanding Fracture Surgery Success?

Hello, I am asking … can the hand that was cut off for a long time be operated on

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Hi Inha .. Thank you for the question given.

A fracture is a condition in which the bone is subjected to a blow whose strength is greater than the strength of the bone. The causes can be hard hits, falls, sports injuries. Symptoms of a fracture include swelling or change in shape, extreme pain, limited movement, a prominent, swollen bone. The severity of the fracture depends on the type of fracture whether it is open or closed, the type of fracture, its location, extent, and the condition of the tissue around the fracture. If there is a fracture, it is best to see an orthopedic surgeon. Previously, the part that was broken was rested and fixed to avoid movement because movement can cause damage to the tissue around the fracture.

If immediately consulted with a doctor. The doctor can do the examination directly and can do X-rays. If the results of the examination are diagnosed with a fracture, the doctor may recommend a cast, splint, or surgery with screws or plates to help the bone return to its original position.

The fracture healing process goes through several stages. Initially there is an inflammatory reaction, so you will feel pain and after a few weeks will start to grow callus or fine bones. This callus will bridge the bone grafting process until eventually bone remodeling will occur. In your case, if the broken bone has been a long time ago, we recommend that you see a orthopedist so that the doctor can perform an examination and can recommend X-rays. From the results of X-rays it can be seen to what extent the bone healing process is, whether callus has been formed, whether the bone is in the correct position, and from there it can be determined whether surgery or non-surgery is needed (for example, a cast). Of course, the time needed for the healing process to be longer.

Meanwhile, what you can do:

Avoid broken hands from strenuous activities. Avoid massaging the affected area. Keep the fracture area clean if there is a wound. May be useful

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