Lose Weight And Drink A Lot?

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Doctor, I want to ask. I have a neighbor who lately said he was thin. But the skinny is really fast. And he can spend a lot of drinks a day. Some thought there was something wrong with him. Is that a sign of a disease

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Symptoms of weight loss and drinking a lot, is a symptom that is often encountered by people with diabetes or abnormal blood sugar levels. But you need to know, there are many things that must be confirmed before confirming a diagnosis in someone.

Among them is the body mass index or the ratio between weight and height. Skinny is a subjective assessment, and to ensure that it must be measured first and if the measurement results show below the ideal line, then he is considered medically thin. Because indeed not a few people who look thin, but actually the ideal weight, only the influence of the face or clothes.

Then, the thinness also needs to be assessed, whether he was on a diet, rarely eat, a lot of activity or indeed because of certain diseases. Because not necessarily also symptoms of thinness and frequent drinking are interrelated. If not related, it could be thin due to excess thyroid hormone, tuberculosis infection, or cancer. And often drink it because of other things.

In essence, we cannot guess a person's condition without checking it directly. If you can convey it to him, advise him to consult him doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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