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Afternoon doctor ..rn1. Lately, there have been lots of posts on social media about lemongrass, lime and tea ingredients that are believed to help you lose weight. Is this true?rn2. I see a lot of posts on google about several foods that are dangerous to eat at the same time. Such as fried noodles and chocolate, spinach and tofu/tempez etc. Is it true ?rnThanks in advance 😊

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Hello sister Ma Ril Lyn,

There is no medical evidence that a mixture of lemongrass, lime and tea can lose weight, but the medical benefits of these ingredients include: Lemongrass has an antibacterial effect and food flavoring (Click on Lemongrass Benefits). Lime is useful for vitamins, increases body resistance and antioxidants, then has an antibacterial effect, also when used on the skin in some people is useful for brightening the skin, be careful using it on sensitive skin it can cause irritation and redness and acne (Click on the benefits of lime). Various teas are useful for relaxing the mind, providing comfort and some special types of tea content can be believed to be useful in increasing the body's metabolism so as to help lose weight such as green tea (click on the benefits of green tea).

Medically, the principle of weight loss itself is to consume low-calorie but filling foods such as fiber-rich foods, healthy proteins that are processed low in fat so that they are low in calories, then increase calorie expenditure by exercising and moving more actively. There are many types of medical diets, and you can consult a nutritionist according to your body condition and needs because before starting a diet, various health and body functions should be checked so that this type of diet is not harmful, or even can provide benefits for losing weight and treating disease.

Posts about dangerous foods at the same time such as consuming instant noodles with chocolate or with spinach, tofu and tempeh are also not medically proven and there have been no medical reports regarding this case.

May be useful. Click the article: Healthy Diet Tips

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