Low Back Pain Accompanied By Sounds In Adolescence?

Illustration of Low Back Pain Accompanied By Sounds In Adolescence?
Illustration: Low Back Pain Accompanied By Sounds In Adolescence? sportandspinalphysio.com.au

Hello, I’m confused about the state of my waist. I experienced back pain (sometimes pain) since around high school class 1 or 2, and lasted until now I entered the fourth semester of college. Every time I want to lie down, my waist felt very difficult to straighten because of illness. Sometimes there is also a light “cracking” sound. I want to sit even slowly like a grandmother, because my waist hurts. I also realized that if I stand too long, my back pain can get worse. I have checked with a general practitioner and he said, I do not drink enough water and must practice drinking a glass of warm water after waking up. To be honest, I drink water most often. Especially when I want my period, a normal back pain when menstruation is added to my back pain, so it hurts so much that I could not walk. That’s because of what? I remember when I was in elementary school, my tailbone was hit with a sharp ceramic angle. Is it related to my back pain? Or is the muscle tense? Or bone loss (even though I’m 19)? Do you need an X-ray? Thank you very much.

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Hi Rara,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Low back pain accompanied by a "crack" sound as you experience it is actually more likely caused by muscle pain (myalgia). This condition often occurs if you often do activities with a less ergonomic body posture. Lazy to exercise, habit of living a sedentary lifestyle, lack of neurotropic vitamins and minerals, history of injury, and aging can also aggravate this condition. Frequently, low back pain that is mild and arises due to muscle pain will improve with rest and warm compresses.

In contrast to your worries, bone loss is actually very rarely cause pain. Aside from muscle pain as mentioned above, it is also possible that your lower back pain arises from other causes, such as spinal cord nerves, tumors or infections that urge spinal nerves, kidney stones, kidney infections, pre menstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts , endometriosis, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, and so on.

To be clear what exactly triggers your complaint, you should go to see a doctor or neurologist. That way, the doctor can certainly handle you properly in accordance with the underlying cause of your complaint. As for what handling will be done later depends on the cause of your complaint, it can be enough with observation, drug administration, physiotherapy, or maybe surgery.

At this time, in order to reduce pain, we urge you to live the following tips first:

Apply a warm compress or apply a pain reliever to the aching waist
Don't sit too much
When sleeping, use a mat that is not too hard, not too soft
Do not carelessly take medication without a doctor's prescription
Expand to exercise, for example yoga, swimming
Don't stress too much
Maintain ideal body weight
Avoid using high heels
Pay attention to your posture in daily activities, so as not to trigger injury
Live a healthy lifestyle
Don't make it a habit of resisting the urge to defecate or small

Hope this helps ...

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