Low Back Pain Accompanied By Vaginal Discharge In Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Low Back Pain Accompanied By Vaginal Discharge In Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Low Back Pain Accompanied By Vaginal Discharge In Pregnant Women? Bing

ok this is Adriana I want to ask why I always have back pain and vaginal discharge every time I drink something sweet 6 months …please let me know what suggestions thank you

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Good afternoon, Adriana Carissa. Thank you for your question

The condition that you experience in the form of back pain during pregnancy is a fairly common condition. Back pain in pregnant women can be caused by:

The enlarged uterus puts pressure on the muscles, joints, and blood vessels

·      The ligaments / connective tissue in the pelvic floor are stretched due to an enlarged uterus

· Poor posture. When pregnant. The body's center of gravity changes. To prevent falls, pregnant women will tend to stand more towards the back of the body

But it can also occur due to a pelvic inflammatory infection that occurs because of the vaginal discharge that you experience

Vaginal discharge is a condition that all women have experienced. Vaginal discharge serves to clean and protect the vagina from irritation and infection. Normal vaginal discharge is usually produced by the vagina which then produces mucus which is always related to hormonal changes that are often experienced when a woman is fertile or while breastfeeding.

Normal vaginal discharge has a clear to whitish color and is odorless. Complaints are also without itching or pain. If a person experiences complaints that are different from normal vaginal discharge, they must be wary of because abnormal vaginal discharge means that there is a disease.

Abnormal vaginal discharge when the color changes accompanied by increasing mucus viscosity, a pungent (sharp) odor, bleeding and accompanied by vaginal itching and abdominal pain.

Abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnancy needs to be treated immediately because it can cause complications in the form of:

       premature labor

       premature rupture of membranes

       Miscarriage in early pregnancy

        disease in the fetus according to the cause of abnormal vaginal discharge

Meanwhile, there are several ways to find out the gestational age, namely by calculating the HPHT, measuring the height of the uterine fundus and ultrasound examination. Ultrasound examination is a technique of creating real illustrative images that come from a person's body by utilizing high-frequency sound waves. An ultrasound examination of pregnancy is carried out by an obstetrician to determine the gestational age and also the estimated weight of the fetus. And ultrasound examination is the most accurate examination to estimate gestational age. From the ultrasound examination there are several things that are measured and listed on the ultrasound results, namely:

BPD (biparietal diameter): the diameter of the fetal head.

·       FL (femur length): the length of the thigh bone.

·       AC (abdominal circumference): abdominal circumference.

·       HC (Head circumference): Circumference of the head.

CRL (Crown Rump Length): a measure of the distance from the top of the baby's head to the tail that is used to measure pregnancy in the first trimester.

How to calculate gestational age by ultrasound using 3 ways, namely:

Measuring the diameter of the gestational sac (GS = gestational sac) in young pregnant women approximately 6-12 weeks of gestation.

Measuring the fetal head-buttocks distance (CRL=grown rump length) at 7-14 weeks of gestation compared to the reference standard

Measuring the diameter of the fetal head or biparietal diameter (BPD = Biparietal Diameter) at gestational age above 12 weeks

Ultrasound examination can only be interpreted by a competent doctor such as a doctor or obstetrician. However, it is not the only way to determine pregnancy and only helps, therefore to make sure you are, I advise you to consult an obstetrician so that you can get clearer information. Along with consulting your doctor, there are some tips you can do to maintain a healthy pregnancy:

1.     Eat – nutritious food and remember the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy

2.     Eat in small portions but often

3.   Always have snacks such as biscuits

4.   Avoid artificial sweeteners or fast food

5.   Drink enough water

6.  Light exercise

7. Check your pregnancy, especially regarding the vaginal discharge that you are experiencing because it can cause interference with your pregnancy.

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May be useful,

dr. Dian

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