Low Back Pain After Exercise?

Illustration of Low Back Pain After Exercise?
Illustration: Low Back Pain After Exercise? summitmedicalgroup.com

Related to the previous question about lumbago of the lumbo sacral spine, injuries caused by gym workout squatting and standing incorrectly. R nThe X-ray results are okay, only a few runs Is going to chiropatric therapy good? Because looking for dr.orthopedic or others and a spine specialist, I don’t think there is any benefit. Because the results are always the same. When I want to stretch, the hand exercise from above touching the toes seems still difficult. And still like being sick / pulled. Various therapies have been done .. MRI was recommended but the same action as pysiotherapy so I did not do it because it only ran out of money but the results were the same .. then according to the doctor’s knowledge. What measures should be taken so that I can completely heal my spine which looks like a line of about 10cm, which looks bulging or uneven So please also give me a theory of explanation which is too wide. Just tell me how to do it … basically the lumbar sacral or scoliosis

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Hello Lie, thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com

First of all you need to know that online consultation cannot replace consulting in person to a doctor. Diagnosis and management of a disease must be carried out by combining clinical symptoms, physical examination, and investigations. Through online consultation, doctors cannot perform physical examinations and supporting examinations, so the diagnosis and management given cannot be as accurate and precise as if you consulted directly with the doctor.

Your description of the "little run" x-ray is not the medical language that describes the x-ray, so it is not known what your x-ray means. Likewise your description of "a line about 10 cm like protruding or uneven", is not medical language that can describe the condition of the spine.

You should also know that X-rays are not tests that can find all diseases of the spine. This examination can only see the bones, while to be able to see soft tissue (such as muscles, tendons, or spinal cord), an MRI-like examination is needed.

The following is the answer to your question:

Is going to chiropractic therapy good?

A chiropractor is not a doctor, but many people benefit from going to a chiropractor. You can just go to a chiropractor, just make sure you go to a chiropractor who does have an official certification. Medically, the risks of chiropractic treatment in the lumbar and sacral areas are minimal and rare. The risk of treatment in this area is compression of the nerve or disc herniation. Make sure the treatment is not done in the neck area because the risk is quite high and dangerous. It would be better if you do treatment to a chiropractor after receiving a referral from a doctor who examines you directly.

What action should you take?

This has been explained by other doctors in your previous questions. In addition, you should see an Orthopedic Doctor for further evaluation first. If you have already seen an orthopedic doctor and are advised for an MRI, you should do so, bring the results back to your doctor, and continue the recommended treatment routinely.

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