Low Back Pain And Radiating To The Legs?

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assallamuallaikum … good night ‘! I am 28 years old, why lately I often feel pain in the right leg, before I have felt the right lumbago until it goes down, what kind of illness is that, because rsa the pain is very disturbing actuation thank you, thank you

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Low back pain and radiating to the legs are symptoms that occur in several diseases such as:

- Ureterolithiasis is a stone in the ureter or channel that connects the kidney and urinary heart. Patients with this disease usually complain of extreme pain (colic) in the front abdomen, lower abdomen, groin area, and up to the genitals. Patients also complain of pain when urinating or urinating frequently, urine is red (hematuria), fever, nausea, vomiting and enlarged abdomen.

- Nucleus Hernias Pulposus (HNP) is the shifting of the spinal cushions so that the nerves clamp and cause pain. HNP can be caused by age, injury, obesity, smoking, and genetics. Patients with HNP usually complain of pain in the shoulder, back and can spread to the feet.

- Myalgia is muscle pain that occurs after doing moderate-heavy activities. This pain is normal and can occur in everyone. Usually this pain will decrease and even disappear in less than 7 days

If the pain you feel has disrupted your activities, I suggest you to visit a general practitioner or specialist in internal medicine for a thorough examination, such as a physical examination and additional examinations if necessary, such as ultrasound or MRI so that treatment can be given according to your diagnosis immediately. .

The things you can do right now are:

- Avoid dehydration by drinking enough water and producing urine as much as 2-3 liters per day

- Low protein diet, low salt diet, and low purine diet.

- Exercise regularly

- Avoid smoking

- Maintain ideal body weight

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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