Low Back Pain

Illustration of Low Back Pain
Illustration: Low Back Pain

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complaints that you experience to ensure it must be examined directly by a doctor, there are several possible causes of the disease you are experiencing:

uric acid
peripheral neuropathy
pelvic arthritis
tense muscles
nerve cramps

Swollen feet that you experience can also be caused by excess fluid and salt which causes fluid to accumulate in the legs according to gravity. If there is a desire to urinate you should not hold it. And if it does not reduce swelling can be positioned higher than the body so that the liquid does not accumulate in the legs.

Feet muscle aches can be due to interference from excess salt so that the electrical signals in the nerves of the body edge and feel sore, tingling, sore or painful. Nerve signals spread from the ends of the body to the new spinal cord tissue to the brain. So that pain can be felt also in the waist.

so it is likely that your disease must be done by direct examination to the doctor to do a physical examination and additional examinations if you have health facilities you can seek treatment back to your health facilities if there is no improvement if they can still handle it they will handle it but if they do not they will recommend it to more expert doctor. that way can be further furthered as blood checks and rongen photos. so you can know the cause of your pain. and can be treated according to the cause.

There are several things you can do:

do not sit too long because it can cause the waist to your feet hurt, so try stretching or changing positions for a while
home from work you can soak your feet in warm water
enough rest
sleep with your feet in a higher leg position you can put on the pillow
can do gentle massage in the sick
drink plenty of water at least 2 liters a day
avoid foods that can cause an increase in your gout
avoid foods that are high in fat
do regular exercise for about 30 minutes while sunbathing in the morning

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

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