Low Blood Pressure Accompanied By Pain And Stomach Pain?

Illustration of Low Blood Pressure Accompanied By Pain And Stomach Pain?
Illustration: Low Blood Pressure Accompanied By Pain And Stomach Pain? narayanahealth.org

my blood is restricted 80/60 It feels nauseous gleyeng trs seeing stomach ache. How to handle it

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Hello Risti,

Thank you for the question.

Normally, blood pressure ranges from 90/60 to 120/80 mmHg. As for your low blood pressure, or in the medical realm called hypotension, it can clearly make you feel nauseous and kliyengan. Not only that, because of hypotension, you can also experience excessive cold sweat, weakness, blurred or dark vision, dizziness, and even loss of consciousness. If this complaint appears accompanied by abdominal pain, it is possible that this condition can also occur related to disorders of other organs in the abdominal cavity, such as dyspepsia, pregnancy, peritonitis, digestive infections, urinary tract infections, food allergies, intestinal inflammation, miscarriages, pregnancy wine, etc.

Without checking you directly, it is very difficult for us to identify the exact cause of your complaints at this time, especially to determine the appropriate handling. Therefore, it is better to check yourself directly to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine. Further examination, such as x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, or other supporting tests doctors can do if it is deemed necessary. The initial treatments that can be done are:

 Compress warm stomach that feels pain and nausea Rest more, do not always do strenuous activities If you want to change the position of the body, do it slowly while controlling Do not always do dangerous activities alone Drink 2-3 liters of water per day Avoid foods that can aggravate nausea and pain in your stomach, such as spicy foods, coconut milk, fried foods, acids, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of gas Eat small portions but often Do not take any medicine Hopefully it helps ..

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