Low Blood Pressure With Bumps And Aches And Irregular Breathing?

Illustration of Low Blood Pressure With Bumps And Aches And Irregular Breathing?
Illustration: Low Blood Pressure With Bumps And Aches And Irregular Breathing? narayanahealth.org

I want to ask my age is 20 years old, usually my blood pressure is normal, it is always 110/80, it’s been 3 days, my blood pressure is always 92/68, but I experience symptoms such as dizziness, chills, cold feet, back pain. , the pain in the joints feels numbness and I have allergic itching all over my body but there are no bumps, then I experience pain and feel tired and my breathing becomes irregular quickly. Are these symptoms dangerous or what?

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Hello Reni Fitrianty, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Previously the doctor needed additional information about your complaint, where did you take the blood pressure measurement, was the blood pressure measurement carried out by a doctor or trained health worker?

Blood pressure measurements should be carried out correctly by trained personnel or by a calibrated device. We recommend that before blood pressure testing is done, you can rest or be calm and can be done as much as 2-3x then the average is taken.

Some of the causes of your complaint include:

Anemia (lack of blood)
Anaphylactic shock
Upper respiratory tract infection
Virus infection

It is better if your blood pressure measurement method is correct, carried out by trained medical personnel with a calibrated device then you should be able to consult about your complaints. What needs to be considered is if there is an excessive allergic reaction and anaphylactive shock occurs, i.e. if there are the following complaints you should immediately go to the nearest health facility such as swelling in the face area such as (lips, eyes), feels dizzy / dizzy, shortness of breath, chest palpitations, cold sweat, pale or decreased consciousness / faint.

You should consult with a general practitioner or internist because your doctor needs a direct physical examination or other supporting examination. Your doctor can also advise you to do an allergy check.

Some things you can do between:

If you do have a history of allergies you can avoid allergies or triggers
Drink at least 2 liters of water and get enough rest
Do not be late eating and consumption of foods with balanced nutrition
Exercise regularly at least 2x a week

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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