Low Blood Side Effects?

My blood pressure is low, does it affect my menstruation … because I haven’t menstruated this month

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Menstruation generally occurs in cycles between 21-35 days. If your menstrual interval is still in this range, it means that it can still be said to be normal.

Uncommon menstruation (> 35 days) can be caused by the following conditions:

 Stress Physical fatigue Excessive dieting Use of certain drugs that disrupt the hormonal cycle Certain diseases such as PCOS, ovarian cysts, myomas, etc. Perimenopause especially when around 40-50 years of age In general, the condition of hypotension (low blood) cannot directly result in menstrual disorders. However, this condition can occur simultaneously with menstrual disorders that refer to one cause, for example strict restrictions on food and fluid so that it can cause good conditions for low blood and menstrual disorders.

To ascertain the cause of the condition, you should consult a general practitioner first so that further physical examination can be done. If you feel the need for further tracking, the doctor will conduct a supporting examination or refer you to an obstetrician.

As for what you should do is:
 Good stress management Limit heavy physical activity A balanced diet, do not overdo food restrictions, unless it is recommended because of a high BMI Consult all drugs / supplements consumed to the doctor, so that safety can be ascertained first, and so as not to interfere with the hormonal cycle

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