Low Hb During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Low Hb During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Low Hb During Pregnancy? healthybabycode.com

Morning … I want to ask if I am currently 5 months pregnant and my Hb is now 9.1..with less HB, will it affect my fetus? Then how do I stabilize HB, I am normal? or cleaning the feminine area ?? please answer. Thank you..

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5 months pregnant means you have entered the second trimester of pregnancy. Sufficient gestational age ranges from 38-42 weeks. During pregnancy, there is usually a decrease in hemoglobin (Hb) levels. This can occur because of hemodilution.

from the situation you are experiencing, the Hb 9.1 level is still low, and usually this does not cause problems in pregnancy. however, it is still recommended that the Hb level be increased at least 10. If severe anemia occurs during pregnancy it can cause several complications such as impaired fetal development, impaired fetal organ formation, and fetal death.

To help increase Hb, you can usually give supplementation with blood-added tablets, consume nutritious foods that contain protein such as eggs, chicken, beef, tofu, tempeh, chicken liver. So it is recommended that you regularly check with a gynecologist or midwife, so you can monitor the progress of your situation.

during pregnancy you are allowed to cut hair or wash the female area. In fact, maintaining the hygiene of the female area is very important in pregnancy.

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