Low HB Pregnancy Nutrition?

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Noon, I am now 20w pregnant. My head is often dizzy, blood pressure is normal but HB 9.5. Now I consume biosanbe, calcium lactate, and prenagen milk. I am still worried about nutrition for pregnancy, if I consume vitamins folamil genio, biosanbe, and prenagen milk. Is it enough for the nutrition, because I’m worried about lack / over nutrition?

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Biosanbe is a supplement intended to treat anemia (due to iron deficiency or folate and vitamin B12 deficiency). Calcium lactate is a calcium-filled supplement given to meet the calcium needs of pregnant women. Prenagen is milk that is equipped with various nutrients needed by pregnant women. Folamil genio is a supplement that contains various kinds of nutrients needed by women who are pregnant. Prenagen and Folamil Genio have nutritional content that is more or less the same (although there are differences in several types of vitamins and minerals and their levels), therefore, basically you don't need to consume both at the same time. Biosanbe actually has some of the same ingredients as Prenagen and Folamil Genio. The vitamin and mineral content in Biosanbe is not as complete as Prenagen or Folamil Genio, but the levels of several nutrients are higher to ensure adequate nutrition to treat anemia.

Since the three supplements that you mentioned contain more or less the same content, you should not consume them all together. Before doing so, you should first consult with your gynecologist.

In the second trimester, Hb levels can indeed decrease. However, a decrease in Hb to below 10.5 g / dL in the second trimester can be considered anemic condition. Anemia in pregnancy is most often caused by iron deficiency anemia, folate deficiency, or vitamin B12 deficiency. However, you must also think about other possible causes of anemia. To be able to determine the cause of your anemia, you should check with your gynecologist. The obstetrician will usually continue the Hb examination with other tests such as MCV, MCH, MCHC, peripheral blood smears, which can then be followed by an iron panel examination or levels of folate and vitamin B12 (depending on previous results).

Meanwhile, apart from taking supplements recommended by your doctor regularly, you should always meet your nutritional needs from the food you eat. Make sure you always eat a nutritionally balanced diet, especially eating foods that contain lots of iron, vitamin B12, and folate such as meat, especially red meat, eggs, milk, green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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