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Good evening doctor, I’m 34 years old. My pulse rate is often around 41-46. Now I am 15 weeks pregnant. Is that dangerous?

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Your pulse rate is around 41-46 times per minute and you are 15 weeks pregnant, so for some people this is generally within reasonable limits. The normal pulse can be around 60-80 times per minute, there is also the opinion that the normal human pulse is around 50-70 times per minute. But in some people or some people who have trained the ability of the heart and blood supply in the body, the pulse can reach 40 times per minute. Therefore, basically it is necessary to know your normal pulse before, that is, before you are pregnant, when you are active before you are pregnant, when you are pregnant, when you are active in your current pregnancy. All of this will provide information for you and your doctor regarding your normal pulse rate.

If before pregnancy, your pulse rate is below 60 times per minute or indeed you are a sportsman, then this is a reasonable condition. If this condition is reasonable, then in general there are no conditions that risk your health and your pregnancy.

However, if your pulse is indeed low or down compared to your previous condition, or your previous pulse rate is above 60 times per minute and is currently down, then a decrease in pulse frequency can be triggered by a blood haemodynamic disorder or an interruption in blood flow in your body , contraction of the heart, or can be triggered by an unbalanced fluid intake.

The frequency of the pulse is lower than normal, then this condition can be risky for the human body, especially for pregnant women. Energy supply and food for fetal growth are also ineffective, so the decrease in pulse that occurs needs to be known the cause, controlled and restored, so that the body has good physical ability, good blood supply, good heart contraction, and energy supply and nutrients in the blood well. Some of the things below can trigger a decrease in your pulse, such as:

 Sleep deprivation Vomiting Blood electrolyte disturbances Disorders of the heart Thyroid disease that is low levels of thyroid hormone Because of the current age of pregnancy is important for your baby's growth and development, you should visit and consult directly with your obstetrician and your cardiologist. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluation and supervision of your current clinical condition. Thus, your health and your pregnancy remain in the observation of your doctor.

Henceforth, several things you need to consider, such as:

 Do body stretching activities to help improve heart rate, but do this under the supervision of your doctor or your doctor's directions. Avoid sleeping late Avoid stress. Increase consumption of healthy foods and maintain body fluid balance. When working, take a few days off until your doctor says Your condition is good. That's all the information we can convey.

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