Lower Abdomen Feels Painful, Full And Heavy?

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Morning, I want to ask, why is it that this month my uterus hurts, sometimes it hurts sometimes, sometimes it hurts too much, more often it hurts, I can still hold it, yesterday I woke up stomach and stomach the part of my uterus feels heavy, and I also don’t have menstruation for 3 months, even though I take birth control pills, for now I don’t drink because I’m afraid, after I take menstrual birth control pills it should be smooth,

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Hello Yanti,

Thank you for the question.

Pain, fullness, and weight that feels in the lower abdomen (the area around the uterus), actually does not always come from uterine disorders. Can also, this complaint is caused by disorders of other organs. Here are some possible causes of discomfort in the lower abdomen as you experience:

Reproductive tract disorders, such as pregnancy, pre menstrual syndrome, myoma, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammation, wine pregnancy
Urinary tract disorders, such as cystitis, bladder stones, urinary tract infections, stones or kidney infections
Gastrointestinal disorders, such as digestive infections, intestinal inflammation, intestinal obstruction, constipation, colon cancer
Other organ system disorders, such as muscle pain, skin infections, psychosomatic disorders, and so on

No menstruation that you experience can also be many possible triggers, including due to side effects of birth control pills, pregnancy, stress, fatigue, excessive exercise, weight changes dramatically, extreme diets, obesity, ovarian cysts, thyroid gland disorders, pituitary gland disorders, and so on .

If it's true that your condition has been appearing for 1 month, it is better to check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. An ultrasound examination or other supporting tests can be done so that doctors can make the diagnosis correctly and then give him the right treatment. If it turns out that your condition arises because of disorders in other organ systems, it could also later you will be referred to the right specialist doctor.

At this time, you can first overcome the discomfort that arises by compressing your warm lower abdomen. Expand to rest, not to overactivate, including lifting things that are too heavy. Always wear comfortable and loose clothing, don't like to hold back urination or bowel movements, eat fibrous foods and drink more water, regularly exercise, don't worry or stress excessively, also live a healthy, balanced lifestyle in your daily life.

Hope this helps ...

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