Lower Abdominal, Low Back And Back Pain In 27-week Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Lower Abdominal, Low Back And Back Pain In 27-week Pregnant Women?
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I am pregnant 27week I often get pain in the abdomen, the waist feels hot, the back until the waist hurts and is often tight, every night, it’s hard, but how do you deal with it?

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Hello Ajengayu,

Shortness complaints such as feeling full in the stomach and chest is a complaint that is often felt by pregnant women, especially entering the third trimester (> 27 weeks) due to the growing size of the fetus causing pressure in the abdominal cavity is higher. As a result, the lungs will become more difficult to expand. Increased fetal weight also causes the burden carried by the mother becomes heavier so that the mother will be more easily tired.

However, you need to worry and see a doctor immediately if shortness of breath is accompanied by chest pain, cold sweating, vomiting, severe shortness of breath accompanied by changes in breathing sounds. Shortness of breath can also be caused by the following diseases that accompany pregnancy:

Anemia: pale appearance, low blood hemoglobin examination, palpitations, difficulty concentrating, always sleepy, limp body
Preeclampsia: accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, a positive protein in urine
Asthma: accompanied by wheezing breath, more comfortable in a sitting position, expiration / exhale prolonged breathing
Pneumonia: can be accompanied by cough and fever
Pulmonary embolism: severe shortness of breath and a diffuse heart, a condition that can be life threatening

In addition to shortness of breath, changes in the weight of the fetus that is getting heavier start to change the point of maternal weight becomes more in front, as a result the posture of the mother also changes and the burden to the spine becomes higher. As a result, mothers will often complain of pain in the lower back / back of the waist when standing or sitting for too long. This condition can even interfere with mother's sleep. Side sleeping position and sports such as yoga specifically for pregnant women can help mothers reduce back pain complaints. Take care of your posture when standing and also sitting, making sure to always be upright. Avoid the use of high heels, use soft footwear with an appropriate size (not too narrow) when walking. Avoid lifting heavy objects, if you have to lift heavy objects, pay attention to your posture when lifting (not looking down, but bending one knee and make sure your back remains straight). Compress the painful part with a warm compress and massage the waist gently.

At 27 weeks of pregnancy, in addition to shortness of breath and low back pain, the mother may also complain of rectal hemorrhoids, slightly swollen feet, pain in the pit of the stomach, frequent urination and decreased sleep quality. These things are normal to be felt by pregnant women at the age of 27 weeks. Mothers need to pay attention to changes that are danger signs of pregnancy and require immediate examination with a gynecologist:

Big swollen feet
Bleeding from the vagina
A blurry vision suddenly
Drastic reduction in fetal movements
Shortness of breath

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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