Lower Abdominal Pain Accompanied By Mucus Discharge From The Vagina?

Illustration of Lower Abdominal Pain Accompanied By Mucus Discharge From The Vagina?
Illustration: Lower Abdominal Pain Accompanied By Mucus Discharge From The Vagina? healthline.com

Hello .. I’m sorry I want to ask about the pain that I feel after the discharge of blood, even though I have no menstruation, why is it that my stomach hurts when the next morning the blood mucus comes out? I also have no family planning and my menstruation doesn’t come every month? and I also had a curette a year ago .. sorry I need information why do I feel pain from the stomach to the waist?

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Hello Sabrina Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Lower abdominal pain that often occurs in women is usually a symptom of pain in the form of cramps, stabbing pain and so on. Besides that, pain can also be felt up to the waist. Such discharge in women can lead to pelvic pain.

Pelvic pain in women is often associated with the female reproductive organs. Pelvic pain can also be classified into two, namely acute pain and chronic pain. If you feel this pain that comes suddenly is classified as acute pelvic pain. In addition, acute pelvic pain can also appear when a woman is menstruating, at conception, or after having sex. Meanwhile, chronic pelvic pain is pain that persists for up to 6 months and may disappear or persist.

In this case there are also other things that need to be considered, Have you checked your previous pregnancy or did a test pack? If you are not on any birth control use, and also have a history of irregular menstruation. It should be noted when your HPHT (the first day of your last menstrual period), have you recently checked with your obstetrician? Have you felt any signs of pregnancy recently such as nausea, firmer breasts and so on? Some of these things should be asked further, because the possibility of pregnancy also cannot be ruled out. And if the first cramps are accompanied by spots, it can still be caused by a miscarriage or abortion. Miscarriage is the spontaneous discharge of an embryo from the uterus before 20 weeks of gestation. And you need to know that abortion does not always indicate fetal death, but it can still be a threat. However, to make sure it is necessary to do other physical examinations, and additional examinations that help such as ultrasound. Therefore, immediately see the nearest obstetrician or gynecologist.

Or if you experience symptoms such as:

Continuous spots, or more spots such as bleeding that doesn't stop
Stomach cramps, heartburn
High fever
Discharge from the vagina

You can see a doctor at the ER or nearest health facility.

However, several other causes can also cause acute pelvic pain. Here are some possible causes of acute pelvic inflammation:

Pelvic inflammation
Ectopic pregnancy
Lumps in the tissue around the uterus, symptoms that can arise such as irregular or changing menstruation, frequent urination, difficulty defecating, indigestion, bloating in the stomach, feeling full faster than usual, and varying pelvic pain from mild to severe depending on the size and position of the lump.

In addition to abortion or miscarriage, the above problems can also require immediate treatment, for example, ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus, which usually occurs in the fallopian tubes or tubes, causing pain in the pelvis or waist. This condition must be treated immediately before it causes complications. Symptoms that can arise include:

Lower abdominal pain that usually occurs on one side,
Pain in the pelvis.
Light bleeding from the vagina.
Nausea and vomiting accompanied by pain.

However, to find out more for certain, you should immediately see the nearest obstetrician or obstetrician. To confirm your condition. And to find out the cause of your stomach pain. So that if medical problems are found, appropriate treatment can be done.

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