Lower Abdominal Pain When Going To Dispose Of The Wind?

Illustration of Lower Abdominal Pain When Going To Dispose Of The Wind?
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I want to ask. Once in a while, I want to wind and want to dispose of the wind, but it feels like a sciatica in the lower abdomen and a female area like a skew of normal birth.

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Stomach ache is a form of complaint of pain in the abdomen due to inflammation or malfunctioning of the organ system in it. Complaints of abdominal pain can be caused by inflammation or dysfunction of the skin, muscles, nerves, digestion, liver, bile, urinary tract or reproductive organs. So that complaints of abdominal pain that are felt need to be examined and consulted with a doctor to find out the main cause of this complaint and to get the right treatment.
Some accompanying complaints that can be felt can also be nausea, flabby bowel movements, pain when urinating, fever, or menstrual disorders.
Some of the causes of stomach pain complaints can be triggered by:
1. digestive infection
2. urinary tract infections
3. liver and biliary system disorders
4. disorders of the reproductive organ system
5. kidney stones
6. food allergies
7. stomach upset
Regarding your question, if you have had a cesarean section done in the past few weeks, then your stomach pain complaint might be related to this history of cesarean section. However, if you have had this surgery for a long time, you may have stomach pain caused by other clinical conditions.
If stomach pain is accompanied by pain during bowel movements, this condition may be caused by food poisoning or consumption of foods that are irritating to digestion, such as chili or ready-to-eat foods that do not fit your stomach. So evaluate the possible causes by evaluating the food you have eaten one day before your stomach pain appears or you begin to feel. Thus, you can find out the possible risks and prevent these complaints from recurring.
However, if this complaint is increasingly disturbing, you should consult directly with your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor, so that the doctor can carry out checks and evaluations directly on the digestive system or the possibility of disruption of other organ systems from your stomach. Handling and care will be given according to the indications.
To reduce this pain complaint, you should give a warm compress to your stomach, and avoid spicy foods, fried foods, coconut milk, and also avoid instant food.
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