Lower Abdominal Pain While 4 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of Lower Abdominal Pain While 4 Months Pregnant?
Illustration: Lower Abdominal Pain While 4 Months Pregnant? familyeducation.com

Congratulations mlam I am 26 years old pregnant first I want to ask about my pregnancy age around 4 months but since this afternoon I felt a lower abdominal pain near the waist it feels like it was wrapped around until now.

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Stomach pain is a complaint that is often experienced by women during pregnancy, so this condition needs to be evaluated independently both related to food, activity load or digestive conditions of pregnant women.
Because the stomach consists of many organs in it, abdominal pain during pregnancy, in addition to being caused by muscle tension in the uterus, but can also be triggered by other conditions or disorders of the organs in the stomach, such as:
1. stomach upset
2. food intolerance, usually accompanied by soft bowel movements or diarrhea; as in pregnant women who experience complaints of abdominal pain after eating spicy, or foods containing processed milk or milk itself
3. digestive infections
4. urinary tract infections
5. Leucorrhoea is not reasonable
6. gall disorders
All of the above conditions often cause stomach complaints other than those related to the process of pregnancy. While uterine muscle tension, placental disorders or the risk of infection can also cause pain during the pregnancy process.
Therefore, it is necessary to consult directly with an obstetrician to determine the health condition of the mother's pregnancy and the health condition of the fetus. With this examination and evaluation, the doctor can find out whether there is a risk of health problems that need to be addressed, thus helping to reduce complaints and help pregnant women be more comfortable in undergoing the pregnancy process.
In connection with your question, if this stomach pain complaint arises at the age of 4 months of pregnancy, then this condition may be triggered by your physical condition that begins to decline or physical fatigue, either because of work or other activities that consume your energy and stamina. Therefore, you should consider resting for a few days optimally, such as taking time off or only doing light activities until the pain relief improves.
In addition, during pregnancy, you should also maintain the type of food you consume, this is to prevent other digestive system problems that interfere with your comfort during pregnancy, such as avoiding spicy foods, instant foods, coffee, coconut foods or other foods with salt content or excess MSG. Thus, all risk factors that trigger complaints of abdominal pain during pregnancy can be minimized.
However, if until the next 2 days these complaints still bother you, you should consult directly with your obstetrician as described above. So that treatment and handling can be done accordingly.
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