Lower Back Pain Accompanied By Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Lower Back Pain Accompanied By Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Lower Back Pain Accompanied By Late Menstruation? cdn.cdnparenting.com

Good night, I want to ask, my back hurts so much. If it’s not strong enough to sit, it feels like first time pregnant .. I also haven’t had my period this month, why is this? Am I too tired, are there any signs of pregnancy?

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Hello Vita,

Thank you for your question

Back pain is a condition of pain in the lower back that can be felt up to the buttocks, thighs, down to the toes. The lower back is composed of the spine, muscles, nerves and ligaments. If there is interference in the area it will cause pain in the lower back.

Back pain is a disease most often complained of by some people when they come to the doctor, the causes of low back pain include:

 stiff muscle damage to the back of the spine, usually it is caused by trauma, such as falling, holding up too often, taking things from the floor without squatting first. joint inflammation, occurs due to movement or friction repeatedly parts of the joint. osteoarthritis or bone loss, this usually occurs in old age or also in people who have calcium deficiency conditions. disorders of the nerves, where the nerves are pinched by bones, muscles and joints In addition to the things mentioned above, there is also back pain that will occur in people who have risk factors among them: obesity, having heavy exercise activities, rarely exercising, holding heavy items, have a job doing long sitting, bending.

There are several things you can do to reduce these back pain symptoms:

 compress with warm water on the back of the back improve posture sitting do not lift heavy loads use the back corset sleep in a place with a soft base when taking goods on the floor do not use the back muscles, or squat first to exercise swimming If the complaint is getting heavy, then immediately check with your doctor so that you can do a supporting examination such as back pain relief, as well as administering medication for pain. Do not often take pain medication without the knowledge of your doctor because it can irritate your stomach.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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