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So the 3 rear teeth under the left and right dearly damaged or practically black hole etc. So what do I need to do? Do you have to pull it all out? If so, what is the plus and minus that I received after the action. Thank you

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Handling of damaged teeth must be adjusted to the conditions of damage. If indeed your tooth is cavity, but it is still strong enough to hold the fillings, the dentist will advise you to patch the tooth rather than pulling it out. If the cavities are deep down to the root of the tooth, the doctor will take care of the root canal first before patching.

If the tooth is so damaged that it cannot hold the fillings in again, the doctor will recommend removing the tooth and using dentures or dental implants. After the gums are pulled out, they should not be left empty because there will be eating and speech problems and your other teeth (including your upper teeth) may change their position.

Basically, you should do a dentist's check up because damaged teeth cannot be left alone. Damaged teeth can be a source of infection both local infection (infection of the teeth and gums), as well as a source of infection to distant places (for example infections in the lungs, heart infections, and blood infections or sepsis). To determine the best therapy, a direct examination must be done first. It is better not to postpone the examination as well because the more delayed your teeth will also be more damaged (the hard layer that protects the teeth from damage is gone and food is also easier to slip and difficult to clean on damaged teeth).

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