Lower Jaw Pain

Illustration of Lower Jaw Pain
Illustration: Lower Jaw Pain

Greetings doc. I have had phlegm for 2 weeks but it’s hard to come out. No cough and runny nose. Already checked + buy expectorant but zero. It’s hard to get out. But over time my lower jaw was like being pressed and every time it opened it always read “kletek” and spread pain in the ear. The back of the back hurts so it is difficult to sleep. Does jaw pain influence from phlegm that is difficult to get out huh doc or other illness? Because my jaw hurts so much doc. Thanks doc

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Hello Mala, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Complaints of pain in the jaw can be caused by various causes including:

Occlusion of the teeth
Problems with TMJ (temporo-mandibular junction) are typical in the form of clicks when opening mouth
Certain psychological conditions such as stress
The spread of pain from the part around the jaw, for example in trigeminal neuralgia

To find out the exact cause of course must be done a fiisk examination directly as well as several other examinations needed such as blood tests, radiological examinations, to biopsy. That way the cause can be known so that the handling will be more precise and directed.

For now, all you can do is:

Reduce jaw movements to relieve pain
Soft food consumption
Consumption of food in small sizes, for example cut into pieces first to make it easier
To relieve pain you can do by taking Paracetamol

If complaints continue to be felt or increasingly heavy immediately to the emergency room or the nearest doctor for further treatment.

So, hopefully useful.

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