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, I have a brother. He said that if he doesn’t drink enough, the pain in the lower left stomach, he is also allergic to taking medication, he says he likes nausea, what are the symptoms of illness? Thank you

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Hello Any, thank you for the question.

Basically, our bodies need enough fluids to stay balanced and maintain the function of our organs, especially the kidneys. Research suggests consuming 2-3 liters of water per day, which can be more or less as indicated, for example, when exercising or physical activity is heavy enough, water consumption can exceed the amount we need. Or in medical conditions such as heart failure or kidney failure, water consumption must be reduced so as not to burden the workload of these two organs. But in normal circumstances, it is advisable to consume water according to the amount I mentioned earlier, especially to prevent dehydration and the function of the body's organs, Any.

However, related to the symptoms experienced by your sibling, this condition can be caused by various things, including:

There is an injury or trauma to the lower left abdomen. This condition can cause pain in this area, as well as damage to surrounding organs.
Digestive tract infections, such as colon or large intestine infections (colitis), this condition can cause pain in the lower abdomen

Stones in the urinary tract, can be located in the kidney, ureter or urinary tract, or in the bladder

Urinary tract infection, which can cause pain in the lower abdomen and a sensation of burning or burning when urinating
In women, infections of the reproductive organs can occur, for example pelvic inflammation or adnexitis, tumors of the reproductive organs, pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), ovarian cysts, and so on.
Kidney infection
Kidney Failure, where the kidneys have decreased function which causes disruption of the filtration process by the kidneys

I suggest that for now, get this condition checked by a doctor or internist, to get a direct examination and proper treatment. Drink enough water, and multiply the consumption of foods high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Get regular rest, 6-8 hours a day, and reduce stress or emotional stress. If the pain gets worse, the stomach becomes hard like a board, and there is difficulty in urinating (for example, the BAK is not smooth or cannot BAK), you should immediately check your sibling's condition to the doctor.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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