Lower Left Breast Pain?

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, I want to ask … My left breast has lower pain, but there are no lumps in the breast … and the discharge is like breast milk, even though I didn’t breastfeed from a 3-month-old child, now my child is 2.5 years old. When I touch it, I feel pain in the inside of the breast … And some time before this pain I had heartburn for 3 days … what is this pain ??? thanks.

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Hi Lisagung,

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Pain on one side of the lower breast can occur due to interference with the breast itself, or also due to interference from other organs around it.

Heartburn, can cause pain around the chest and heartburn that can be felt up to the breasts. Not only pain, usually people with heartburn also feel nauseous, have a sore stomach, bloating, frequent belching, shortness of breath, feel stuck, and various other complaints. These complaints will generally aggravate when you eat too late, finish consuming foods that are too fatty, consume excessive caffeine or alcohol, are under stress, or also experience hormonal fluctuations (for example, just before menstruation or during young pregnancy).

However, not only heartburn, you can also feel the pain in your breasts due to other factors, for example:

Hormonal fluctuations, usually before menstruation or early pregnancy Disorders in the breast, for example due to mastitis (inflammation of the breast parenchyma), abscesses, cysts, other benign or malignant tumors Disorders of the muscles, skin, or supporting tissue, for example due to friction, scratching, or wearing a bra and tight clothing, skin infections, muscle aches, arthritis, pinched nerves Disorders in the lungs, for example pleurisy, pneumonia Disorders of the heart, for example a heart attack, etc. Your breasts that discharge like breast milk can be common even if you are not breastfeeding, for example due to excessive breast stimulation (for example during sexual intercourse, cleaning the breasts, or wearing tight clothing), side effects of drugs (such as anti-nausea and vomiting drugs), or also experiencing hormonal fluctuations. Although, this breastmilk-like liquid can also come from other causes, for example pus or excessive sweating through the nipples.

We recommend that you visit the doctor directly at the health facility closest to your domicile. With direct evaluation, doctors are usually able to judge whether your condition is classified as mild or dangerous. Treatment can later be given through drugs or further supporting examinations, for example by ultrasound, mammography, X-rays, and so on. It could also, if the fluid is suspected not to come from breast milk, the doctor will take a sample of the fluid to be examined in the laboratory.

In the meantime, you shouldn't worry too much yet. Relieve the pain you feel by using a warm compress regularly. Choose a bra that is not tight, made from comfortable, and can accommodate your daily movements. Avoid pressing excessively or massaging your sore breast area. To prevent heartburn, make it a habit to eat regularly, avoid stress, and don't take drugs carelessly. Do not forget, always keep yourself clean, especially the area around your breasts, namely by taking a shower regularly and wearing clean clothes and bras.

Hope it helps ..

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