Lower Molars Grow Improperly Until The Cheeks Are Swollen?

Hello dok My biggest molars grow but the growth does not match, the teeth grow more tilted toward the cheeks and the teeth are mostly covered in meat so that the meat is bitten and it hurts, until it makes my cheeks swollen, what’s the solution huh?

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Molar teeth that grow as adults are usually in their teens until the beginning of 20 years are three molars which are also called wisdom teeth. In many cases the wisdom teeth do not grow normally, will usually be trapped under the gums or only a part of the tooth surface is able to penetrate the gums. The condition is likely to occur also for you, and also known as tooth impaction.

Teeth that don't grow in their position cause their teeth to be buried, or teeth that only grow partially can cause food scraps to get stuck. In addition, bacteria are also easier to enter, causing pain or pain and also swelling of the gums. Disorders that can arise due to impacted teeth can cause symptoms such as:

Teeth appear only slightly on the gum surface
Pain or pain in the gums and jaw
Swollen gums around the impacted tooth
Trouble opening mouth.
The neck glands swell, if the infection continues
Pain or toothache when biting

Dental impaction on everyone does not always cause symptoms or complaints. Impaction of teeth without complaints usually does not require special handling.

But if you cause complaints as you feel you should immediately consult a dentist. Because if left untreated it can lead to a compilation of infected teeth, and cause infection of the surrounding tissues such as:


Tooth abscess or gum abscess that causes severe pain, and infection can spread to the neck and cheeks
Malocclusion or irregular arrangement of teeth
Dental plaque formed
Damage to nerves around the teeth ..

Removal of latent or impacted teeth that are at risk of complications should be done through wisdom teeth surgery. This action is done if the location of the teeth are in the gums. However, for this action it is necessary to consult with a competent dentist. In addition, if signs of inflammation and infection are found, the doctor will first treat the infection for example by administering antibiotics.

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