Lower Right Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Lower Right Abdominal Pain?
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I want to ask. I have been 43 days postpartum, but the right lower abdomen in the pelvis is very painful. Pain to the back, pant * at to thigh. I have had an ultrasound but there are no problems related to giving birth. What should I do (further check) related to this excruciating pain?

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Hello Idah,

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When pregnant, the body will experience some changes. Organs that often experience changes include the bone. When pregnant, the pelvis will shift, the shoulder will be pulled back, the spine will be pulled forward, and relax the muscle tissue.

Pain in the pelvis post delivery or after pregnancy, can be caused due to pressure on the spinal cord. Which is where the nerves in the lower back have a path from the lower waist, pelvis, buttocks, thighs and spread to the legs. Pain that feels like heat, burning, punctured and sometimes tingling. This pain is often called low back pain.

Low back pain is often encountered in pregnant or postpartum women, which is because some of the nerves in the body are accelerated. There are several ways to reduce the pain, including:

 do swimming exercises to avoid lifting heavy objects wearing a back corset if excess weight, lose weight compress the pain with warm water to sleep not in a soft padded place If in this way can not reduce symptoms, immediately consult a doctor so that a physical examination can be done. and find out more about the causes of pain in your legs

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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