Lower Right Stomach Pain, Symptoms Of Fire Pox?

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Hello, I want to ask for 4 days. I feel pain in the lower right abdomen … sometimes the pain spreads to the middle. the pain is the same as “kalikibeun” in terms of Sundanese or abdominal pain that arises when running / moving a lot after eating. It’s been 4 days like that but the pain disappeared. when it comes to pain, breathing is very painful because of the stomach pull. when I open my stomach there really is 1 like a small red bump. but the contents are not runny. and when pressed it hurts, I don’t know the pain from the bump or from the exact bump position above my stomach pain. my mother said it was a symptom of chickenpox, is that correct? I had intended to check into a specialist in internal medicine for abdominal pain but now I have doubts. I wonder how? Thank you in advance.

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Basically, pain due to chickenpox or shingles will usually be felt more on the skin. The skin can feel sore or hot, especially when touched or rubbed by clothes. If you feel more abdominal pain in the inside of your stomach, chances are you experience not shingles. Pain in the lower right abdomen can be caused by:

appendicitis / appendicitis
flatulence (for example due to constipation, indigestion, lactose intolerance)
intestinal infections and food poisoning
disorders of the urinary tract such as stones in the urinary tract or urinary tract infections
disorders of the reproductive tract such as ovulation pain, menstrual pain, infections of the reproductive organs, ectopic pregnancy, twisted ovarian cysts or ruptured ovarian cysts, etc.
injury to the abdominal muscles

It is better to do an examination to the internal medicine doctor first. The doctor will ask for a clearer history of your illness, do a physical examination, and also do a supporting examination (such as abdominal ultrasound or CT scan). Even if you do have shingles too, internal medicine doctors can also provide treatment for the condition. The examination should not be delayed. If you experience abdominal pain that suddenly becomes heavy, your stomach feels hard like a board, you can not defecate or fart, you can not urinate, immediately go to the hospital.

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