Lower Right Waist And Stomach Ache?

Illustration of Lower Right Waist And Stomach Ache?
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Good afternoon doctor … I am a 60 year old sister with body weight 78kg TB 169cm. On January 4, 2019 I conducted an ultrasound of the results with CONCLUSIONS: 👉 Hepatomegaly with grade I fatty liver. Ipel Multiple cholelithiasis. How to heal while the lower right waist feels painful and stiff, right lower abdomen is also painful. Thank you for the answer. .

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Hepatomegaly is a medical term for liver enlargement, which in your case the structure has been identified by ultrasound examination that is accompanied by fatty liver (fatty liver). Cholelithiasis is a stone in the bile duct, so multiple cholelithiasis means that several stones are found in your duct or gallbladder. Women, old age, and obesity are risk factors for these diseases.

Both of these conditions can occur with or without symptoms. In cases of fatty liver that are not accompanied by significant impairment of liver function, or in cases of gallbladder stones that do not cause obstruction and cause symptoms, patients are generally advised to start with lifestyle changes, such as reducing consumption of fatty foods, or given drugs to expedite the flow of bile (only by prescription from a doctor). However, if gallstones have caused significant symptoms, abdominal pain that interferes with activity, or yellowish-colored skin and eyes, fever, nausea and vomiting, operative measures are recommended, namely removal of the gallbladder.

The indications for surgical removal of the gallbladder are not absolute, which means that most of the decisions are in the hands of a team of internal medicine specialists, surgeons (digestive) doctors, and anesthesiologists who handle, taking into account post-operative benefits compared to risks operative. One of the complications avoided from gallstone disease is pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas due to a blockage in bile.

What you can do now is:

Reduce consumption of fatty foods, including oily foods
You can take pain relievers with green logo which are sold freely in pharmacies, with the rules of use as stated on the packaging
After conducting an ultrasound examination, always consult back to the doctor who recommended the examination, so that further treatment can be considered
If you experience symptoms such as: pain that does not improve with pain medication, yellow skin, fever, heart beat faster than usual, nausea and vomiting that cannot be tolerated, consult your doctor immediately.

Thus the information I can give, hopefully can help.

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