Lower Stomach Aches During Young Pregnancy

Greetings HealthReplies.com I was tespacked because I was late for my period, and the results were positive. The plan was to check out this afternoon and make sure to see an obstetrician, but the obstetrician doesn’t practice. On the way home my lower abdomen hurts. Is the pain caused by being tired from one hospital to another hospital? Plus the road to the hospital is damaged and many of the speed bumps … does the damaged road affect pregnancy? And is this dangerous thing that I experienced? I am actually also afraid to go to the hospital because of the 19th plague. Please explain

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Hello Novia,

Thank you for the question.

Late menstruation accompanied by a positive testpack result is most likely a sign that you are pregnant. However, if it has not been confirmed through a doctor's examination (such as through a blood test or ultrasound), then in fact your condition may also occur due to other factors, such as wine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, hormonal disorders, the influence of drugs or birth control, lack of testpack procedures right, et cetera.

Judging from the current condition, where COVID-19 is increasing in the number of events, the examination to the doctor should also be postponed, unless there are indeed severe conditions. Therefore, checking with a doctor to simply ascertain whether you are pregnant or not is recommended to be postponed until the outbreak has subsided.

Abdominal pain that you feel during pregnancy (if indeed you are pregnant) can occur due to the influence of a normal pregnancy, but can also indicate other things, for example pre menstrual syndrome, miscarriage, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, muscle cramps, infections or bladder stones cystitis, gastroenteritis, psychological disorders, and so on. Fatigue, injury (including due to uneven contours of the road), as well as excessive fear can further aggravate this pain.

If the pain that appears mild, without accompanied by heavy menstrual bleeding and lumpy, vomiting and massive diarrhea, fever, and other severe complaints, you should not panic. Safer, resolve your complaint by:

Get plenty of rest, position your feet higher
Warm compresses on painful stomach
Use comfortable clothes, don't be too tight
Don't leave the house yet, unless it's urgent
Eat a variety of balanced, nutritious foods, especially those that are rich in folic acid, calcium, and iron. Don't get used to eating snacks carelessly or eating undercooked food. --- act like you're really pregnant
Limit sexual relations involving vaginal penetration
Don't be too stressed, afraid, or worried too much

If the abdominal pain that appears feels very great, unbearable, or appears accompanied by signs of danger as we alluded to earlier, then you can check yourself to the doctor so that further treatment is done yes ... If it is suspected that you are indeed pregnant or having problems in reproductive organs, then the doctor can refer you to a gynecologist for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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