Lower Stomach Pain?

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Hello, I am Ajeng. It has been almost 4 hours since my stomach aches in the lower right, especially when I move too reflexively or my stomach is held and it hurts. Coupled with hip pain. The lower abdomen is exactly the top close to the genitals, please provide information

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Hello Ajeng Ika Oktaviani,

Severe right lower abdominal pain and pain when touched on women need to be aware of due to the following disorders:

Acute appendicitis

Twisted ovarian cyst / torsion ovarian cyst

Ectopic pregnancy is disrupted
Urinary tract stones

In addition to the above causes, lower right abdominal pain can also be caused by other disorders. The doctor needs to ask for a complete history of complaints. In addition, the doctor will also do a physical examination by observing, pressing, and listening with a stethoscope, especially in your stomach area. Investigations such as abdominal ultrasonography, X-rays, may be done if the doctor suspects certain diseases.

If you experience sudden abdominal pain with severe intensity accompanied by the following danger signs:

Throws up
Bleeding from the vagina
BAK bleeding or difficulty BAK
High fever

You should immediately see a doctor. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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