Lower Stomach Pain Accompanied By Vomiting After Menstruation?

Illustration of Lower Stomach Pain Accompanied By Vomiting After Menstruation?
Illustration: Lower Stomach Pain Accompanied By Vomiting After Menstruation? thesun.co.uk

Hello, I want to ask, finally u0026sup2; I have been menstruating for almost 3 months, often vomiting u0026sup2; and lower abdominal pain, then how to deal with it and can menstruate normally again

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First of all, I want to confirm in advance, what you mean by "coming months almost for 3 months" is that you have continuous bleeding for 3 months, or you typed "late" or you didn't experience menstruation for 3 months ?

If you experience menstruation / bleeding continuously for 3 months, then you should immediately check with your obstetrician, especially if you experience a lot of bleeding and you are currently experiencing symptoms of blood deficiency such as dizziness, pale, cold sweat, heart pounding, etc.

If you experience menstrual delays (you don't have menstruation for 3 months), then you should do a pregnancy check first using a test pack. Perform an examination using urine first in the morning so that the results are more accurate and make sure you read and follow the instructions for use on the packaging of the device. If the results are positive, then your menstrual delay is caused by pregnancy. If the results are negative, then other possible causes need to be considered, for example:

hormonal disorders because the body is too fat or too thin, excessive weight gain or loss, excessive stress, excessive exercise
The use of certain drugs or hormonal contraception
hormonal disorders due to certain diseases such as PCOS, diabetes, thyroid hormonal disorders
certain tumors / cancers that interfere with hormonal conditions

You should check with your obstetrician and the examination should not be delayed if you have not had menstruation for 3 months. The obstetrician will conduct further tests to find the exact cause of your menstrual disorders.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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