Lower Stomach Pain After Having Sex?

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I want to ask, every time I run out of contact, why does my vagina feel sticky and the lower abdomen hurts, and often BAK. Is that right?

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The term "berokok" is actually not a standard term in the medical realm. This term is often defined differently. Therefore, to avoid misinterpretation, it is necessary to clarify what kind of conditions do you mean?

During intercourse, your abdominal and pelvic muscles will contract hard enough to compress the bladder area. This condition can certainly cause the emergence of uncomfortable sensations around the lower abdomen to the genitals, and frequent urination as you experience. This condition does not always indicate something dangerous.

However, if you feel quite severe lower abdominal pain, accompanied by urination that is very frequent, painful, slight, stinging, and cloudy, this condition could be a sign of urinary tract infection (UTI). Indeed, this condition is more vulnerable for women who are already sexually active, due to the entry of bacteria from the genitals and outer anus into the urinary tract when penile penetration into the vagina. This UTI is often harmless. However, in people with poor immune system, if the UTI is not treated properly, then the infection can spread to the bladder, kidneys, and even to the blood so that it needs serious treatment.

In addition to UTI, your complaints may also arise due to myoma, constipation, pelvic inflammation, intestinal inflammation, pre menstrual syndrome, pregnancy, uterine prolapse, and so on.

Uterine prolapse occurs when the uterus drops out of the vagina due to a weak pelvic wall. It could be, this condition causes your complaints. However, the incidence of this condition is still relatively rare compared to the various possibilities above.

Our advice, if you feel your complaints are very disturbing, you should check yourself directly to the doctor huh .. With a direct physical examination, or assisted with ultrasound, urine tests, and so on, doctors can certainly give you the best management. At this time, you should focus on:

Drink more water. Don't hold back urinating. Clean your pubic area properly. ONLY have safe and responsible sex. Compress abdominal pain with warm water. Don't overdo heavy lifting. Hope it helps.

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