Lower Stomach Pain?

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Last night yesterday I felt my right waist hurt. Worried about kidney disease, I drank a lot of water. Until this morning I still felt lumbago. But gradually the pain disappeared. But since this afternoon, when BAK I smelled the scent that was more intense than usual. At first I thought the bathroom smelled. But still smell the same afternoon, and the lower abdomen began to hurt. Like cramps when menstruating, even though I’m not menstruating. And I still feel uncomfortable when urinating, and the smell is still pungent, also the color of the water is murky. Explanation please. What should I do now. Thank you

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Hello Shanti, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Reading the complaints you submit above, these complaints may be a symptom of several possible conditions such as:

 Urinary tract infections Urinary tract stones Kidney infections (pyelonephritis) Side effects of certain drugs Tension in the muscles To determine which condition you are experiencing, it is strongly recommended to check the complaint to the doctor for further evaluation even though the complaint is only felt for 2 days. During the examination process, you may also be advised to undergo a number of additional examinations to ascertain the cause and appropriate therapy such as urine (urinary) examination, ultrasound of the stomach and urinary tract, or other examinations according to your doctor's consideration. It is also possible that your condition can be referred to a specialist in a particular field to ensure that you get the appropriate therapy.

In the meantime, besides going to the doctor, it is also recommended to:

 Increasing consumption of water every day (even though complaints are gone) at least 2 liters / 8 glasses a day Avoiding the habit of often withholding BAK Increasingly maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of the pubic area, especially during menstrual armpits or after sexual intercourse (if you have sexually active) cleaning from front to back after urinating or defecating Use comfortable panties and cotton, and avoid using tight pants Avoid using cleaning products that cause irritation of the female area Avoid taking any drugs without clear advice from the doctor Doing regular exercise and regularly Avoid lifting heavy objects in advance Hopefully this helps.

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