Lumbago And Lower Abdomen When 37 Weeks Pregnant?

Morning. I mean I’m 19 years old and now I’m 37mg pregnant 5 days, my complaint right now, I’m lumbago and lower abdomen like menstruation What is the cause? Thank you for your info.

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Hello Ratna Sari,

Lower abdominal pain in pregnant women at term of gestation (> 36 weeks) can be caused by the following conditions:

Sign of childbirth. The gestational age is only months, meaning the mother has to get ready to give birth. Signs of childbirth can appear as cramps in the abdomen or lumbago that radiates to the abdomen, disappearing arise, but the more often more often. In addition, there will be mucus mixed with blood from the vagina and examination will reveal an opening in the cervix (cervix)

Cystitis Bladder infections, often experienced by pregnant women. Lower abdominal pain is accompanied by urinary pain, bloody urine, fever, pungent odor of urine

Amionitis. Abdominal pain accompanied by vaginal discharge that smells strong and also fever

Appendicitis. Appendicitis, in pregnant women the pain can be masked. Usually occurs in the lower right abdomen, accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, no appetite, vomiting, diarrhea

Abdominal pain that is accompanied by a tight stomach and very painful pain when touched should be aware of as a placental abruption, which is the release of the placenta from the attachment in the uterus. In abruptio placenta bleeding can occur inside (can not come out of the vagina) and cause shock (decreased blood circulation to the peripheral tissue) as a result the general condition of the mother will decrease dramatically and can be life threatening to both mother and fetus.

If abdominal pain does not go away, you should do an examination at an obstetrician. Doctors need to do an internal examination to observe the signs of labor and physical examination in the abdomen. In addition, it may be necessary to support investigations such as laboratory blood tests, urinalysis, or ultrasonography to see the condition of the fetus and reproductive organs.

Try to avoid lifting weights for a while. As pregnancy increases, the fetus will start to descend to enter the pelvic door. Most mothers will feel discomfort in the lower abdomen or frequent urination or constipation. However, if other symptoms appear that lead to the conditions and diseases mentioned above, it is better to see a doctor.

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