Lumbago Penetrates To The Front Of The Stomach?

Illustration of Lumbago Penetrates To The Front Of The Stomach?
Illustration: Lumbago Penetrates To The Front Of The Stomach?

At night, my father often had a translucent lumbago on the left front. It feels painful and sometimes difficult to urinate and defecate if the pain recurs. It usually hurts when my father works hard. What do you think about that? Thank you

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Low back pain is one of the complaints that is often experienced by everyone, especially in the elderly. The causes of low back pain vary and each condition can require different treatments, here are some conditions that can cause low back pain:

 Muscle disorders Muscle history of the lumbar or spinal cord Inflammation of the spine Joints Erosion of spinal cushions due to age Pinched nerves Spreading waist pain is a complaint that needs to be watched out because it indicates a nervous breakdown. It is better for your father to avoid all conditions that can trigger pain and immediately consult a doctor to ascertain the cause of his complaints and get appropriate treatment.

The doctor will ask for a history of your father's complaints, do a physical examination or supporting examinations such as X-ray examination, CT-Scan or MRI. Do the examination if it is recommended by your doctor because the examination can greatly help the doctor confirm the diagnosis experienced by your father.

If the condition is caused by a muscle disorder, the doctor can prescribe muscle relaxants such as tizanidine and NSAID class of pain medications. If the complaint is caused by spinal cord disorders, the doctor may prescribe special pain medications such as gabapentin, physiotherapy or surgical procedures.

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