Lumbago Spread To The Left Side?

Illustration of Lumbago Spread To The Left Side?
Illustration: Lumbago Spread To The Left Side?

I have worked at a factory before, I keep standing. Then at that time my waist really hurt. After a few months I got out of work, but my back pain even worse, spread even more pain to the left leg. Continue to like nausea and weakness, what are the symptoms?

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Complaints of nausea, easy weakness; and complaints of lumbago to spread to your left leg may be triggered by physical fatigue and nerve pressure in your back. Both of these conditions often occur in patients who are overweight or obese and often also occur in young patients with a history of spinal trauma. In patients who are getting older, this complaint often occurs because of the degeneration of the spine and the tissue around the spinal nerves.
However, both of these can also occur due to different conditions but can aggravate the grievances that are felt. Complaints of nausea and easy weakness, may be triggered by physical fatigue and disturbances in gastrointestinal or gastric saliva, where stomach acid is improperly increased causing irritation and irritating complaints, such as nausea, fatigue, uncomfortable breathing, headaches or abdominal pain. If this is not controlled, then this complaint can trigger the condition of your body easily limp, tired or cold sweat. Therefore, controlling stomach disorders by getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and preventing spicy foods, or foods that irritate digestion can help prevent these complaints from recurring.
While the presence of puinggang pain that spreads to the feet, physical fatigue and obese conditions can also increase this complaint. At the moment, the pathway of the nerve that comes out of the spine is compressed, so this causes nerve function disorders and irritation of the related nerve. This nerve suppression will cause comorbid complaints, such as tingling, radiating pain, increasingly narrow muscles, impaired motion, and weaker muscle strength. Several medical conditions can trigger this nerve suppression or trigger the same complaint, namely:
1. Infection
2. Bone spur on the spine
3. Stenosis
4. Spinal deformity
5. Trauma
6. Piriformis syndrome, or the presence of contractions and spasms in the Piriformis muscle that cause sciatic nerve pressure in the buttocks
Therefore, because all the causes of this complaint cannot be confirmed, it is necessary to consult and examine directly by a bone doctor or neurologist. The doctor will conduct an interview related to this complaint, then a physical examination and supporting examinations such as blood tests, radiology or CT scans can be planned. The results of this examination will help find out the cause of the complaint you are feeling. Furthermore, care and treatment will be provided by the doctor according to the diagnosis results.
For now, some things you need to consider relating to all these complaints, such as;
1. Avoid physical fatigue
2. Idealize weight
3. Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, foods that increase the risk of uric acid (nuts, melinjo, duck)
4. Do it by light and routine exercise
5. Avoid sleeping late at night
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