Lumbago That Spreads To The Feet?

Illustration of Lumbago That Spreads To The Feet?
Illustration: Lumbago That Spreads To The Feet?

Greetings doctorDoc … I experienced a very serious back pain …. The pain reached the foot. Pain that is very very from the base of the left buttock to the foot …. Is there a generic drug that can relieve my back pain …. doc ..?Thank you

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Thank you for using the consulting service
We understand the discomfort you feel.
Please note that back pain can be caused by various things, including:

Myalgia / ordinary muscle pain due to strenuous activity or poor posture
Disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract such as kidney stones or urinary tract infections
Disorders of the vertebrae such as low back pain (LBP), hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP) / nerve clamps, inflammation or infection of the spine.
Traumatic injury to the back or waist area
Sciatic pain

If pain is felt from the base of the buttocks to the legs, it is worth suspecting a nerve problem that can be caused by disorders of the vertebrae that affect nerves in the spine and its branches and can also be caused by sciatic pain. Factors of improper body position, daily activities, a history of previous trauma can trigger the pain.

More detailed information is needed regarding whether there are complaints other than pain such as tingling, numbness / numbness / loss of taste sensations and sensations such as being electrocuted in the area of ​​pain felt to ensure that it is likely caused by a disturbance in the nervous system.
Need to be evaluated also related to the presence or absence of other metabolic diseases such as diabetes which can also cause similar complaints.

To find out the exact cause further tests are needed with blood tests, complete urine tests, spinal X-rays, abdominal ultrasound, CT scans to MRI.

If the complaint is felt enough to interfere with daily activities, we recommend that you conduct an examination directly to a neurologist to get an evaluation and direction of therapy that suits your condition. Anti-pain medication or generic drugs that can help reduce complaints can you get by first checking with the nearest doctor. The doctor will prescribe pain relief according to the degree of pain you feel along with other medications to help improve your condition.

Things that can be done while at home to reduce the severity of symptoms including adequate rest at home, avoid strenuous activities, try to maintain ideal body weight, change the habit of sitting and standing that is not good, body massage, meet the needs of body fluids, maintain the types of food and drinks consumed, regular exercise and consumption of pain medication if it feels painful or aching enough to interfere with activity
So much information that we can convey, hopefully it helps

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