Lump Above The Baby’s Genitals 3 Weeks Old?

Illustration of Lump Above The Baby’s Genitals 3 Weeks Old?
Illustration: Lump Above The Baby’s Genitals 3 Weeks Old?

Hello, my name is Dian, I want to ask, my child is 3 weeks old, he has a lump on the genitals, or below the navel, is that a hernia?

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Hernias are a problem that is quite often encountered during infancy and childhood. In contrast to adults, inguinal hernias in infants are caused by failure to close the processus vaginalis which normally occurs several months before birth. Therefore, this condition occurs a lot in babies born prematurely.

Types of hernias in children include:

1. Inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernias are caused by a portion of the intestine that comes out of the lower abdominal cavity and sticks out to the area around the genitals through the hernia ring. When entering the scrotum is called a scrotal hernia, if it enters the labia major is called the labial hernia.

2. Umbilical hernia

The umbilical hernia results from a failure of the umbilical ring closure. An umbilical hernia <1 cm in size at birth usually closes on its own in the fourth year of life.

Symptoms can be a protrusion in the groin or scrotum area of ​​the inguinal hernia, or a soft bulge in the navel in the umbilical hernia, which is absent. Usually seen clearly when crying or straining.

The diagnosis is made through symptoms, physical examination and supporting examinations such as ultrasound.

Patients with hernias must undergo surgical procedures as a definitive treatment. Therefore patients should be referred to pediatric surgeons. The operation aims to improve the state of the hernia is called a herniotomy because the closure of the processus vaginalis is performed.

In the case of inguinal hernia has not been done as soon as possible after the diagnosis is established to prevent the possibility of intestines that are stuck in the hernia ring. Especially in the condition of the intestines that have been squeezed, including the state of emergency so that immediate surgery is needed.

In the case of an umbilical hernia the observation is carried out until the age of 2 years. Usually when abnormalities less than 1 cm are expected to close spontaneously before the age of 2 years. If after the age of 2 years the defect has not closed, surgery is needed.

For that immediately consult your child's condition with a surgeon for evaluation and further action plans.

So, hopefully it can be useful

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